SALT by Selina Thompson

I am thrilled to announce that I will be designing Salt by Selina Thompson! Selina is an incredible artist so make sure you come along to Salt in Bristol as part of Mayfest or Leeds as part of Yorkshire Festival! And, I would love to see you there!

Salt banner



New screen print paper collages

I was revisiting recently some screen prints I made a few years back now, I looked at them in a new way, with new ideas informing my thinking right now. They are all original screen prints worked on with paper and card. I have been thinking about the meeting point of abstract forms and representative forms as I work on the new Two Destination Language piece Declining Solo. More coming soon….IMG_20160313_133748








Then LEAP! by Laura Lindow

The wonderful Laura Lindow is currently touring the UK a show called Then Leap! which I recently designed!  Make sure you catch it on its merry tour, in the meantime here is an image to wet your appetite!

Then Leap Photographer- Alex Brenner

Then Leap
Photographer- Alex Brenner

May 2015

Hello WORLD! My May has been mad!

We ( Alister and I from Two Destination Language) conceived, made and designed our new show LANDED! LANDED is an intimate outdoor piece based on memories of love and falling in love. Working with four non professional performers over the age of 70 we created a beautiful performance encounter where the intimacy and magic of theatre melt your heart and break any notions of age, love and what it is to find yourself back on your feet! Below are some images of the set/installation. Watch this space, exciting things in the pipe line for LANDED in 2016!


April 2015

I am so very happy to be spending a week pondering, researching and generating ideas in design for Laura Lindow’s new show! Below are just a few of the images I have been working on.

.image image image image

March 2015

Spring is almost in sight! It is still too cold but I have my spring collection out and this year, unsurprisingly, it’s as colourful as last! I have been throwing some colour in various projects.

I am pleased to say that the two plays I designed for Salisbury Playhouse’s young company Moonfleece and Discontented Winter are looking smashing and there is yellow, pink, red and blue a plenty. I am very happy with the set which was essentially a scaffolding construction I had designed. To me however, it makes it even more exciting because it’s recyclable- its cheap to hire and we don’t have a lot of set to throw away or store, so in my green book- that’s definitely a winner! The costumes, I doubt will be easily reusable as they are quite wacky and specific, but then again- perhaps someone out there is looking to hire a dog costume, pink crazy tutus, geometric tops and well lots of props made from cardboard- guns, knifes, mobile phones and binoculars!

Also shedding some colour, though a much darker pallette, I am working with the very wonderful writer and performer Laura Lindow. A Newcastle based project sees me on various trains up and down the country which is as well as this project has such a wonderful environment and earthiness about it I am happy to daydreamingly design from the train journeys. Watch this space- this project will melt your heart when it gets touring!

Discontented Winter Discontented Winter Discontented Winter Discontented Winter

Moonfleece & Discontented Winter

Moonfleece & Discontented Winter set

preparatory drawing for "In Chips" by Laura Lindow

preparatory drawing for “In Chips” by Laura Lindow

a very busy month

It looks like nothing much has happened in the last month but in fact there has been so much I haven’t had a single moment to write a short post.

First up! The MAKE / BELIEVE exhibition in Nottingham went very well. Apparently, it was attended by about 10 000 people in the space of a month it was up. There was an extraordinary amount of exciting work of big and small productions. I do question some of the ethics of the national exhibition and how truly representative it really is of what is going on in British Theatre Design. The exhibition is quite an expensive gig for each exhibitor and so only those working in academia, or for large producing houses can really afford to take part, pay for the catalogue entry, and prepare the work for presentation which involves a lot of expensive printing. And then you have a few designers working on the “fringe” which is of course where I sit. And I have to say- I am pretty proud to be designing work by utterly exciting independent companies on the “fringe”. But the question remains who really cares about the fringe? Anyhow, I am rambling. The point is, maybe this will be the last time I exhibit as part of the national British Theatre Design exhibition. I just don’t know what is the value of having my designer voice in the mix when the large productions will always scream louder. Below are a few photos of my exhibit. And dare I say, of two award winning fringe shows!

.    .

Also, on the go are two plays for young people I am designing for Salisbury Playhouse. I am having fun with these pieces. I am having to compromise a little to fit in the tiny budget I have but it is really good to be reminded of what can actually be achieved with not very much. So, more photos to follow but here is a taster of what’s to come!

Also, on offer are two new lino cuts both from Two Destination Language shows I have designed- Manpower and Near Gone! £30 each limited edition!

Dancing with Flowers

Dancing with Flowers



More news about the opening of the new Two Destination Language show Manpower coming in a post soon. Also soon for more news on new design projects! But for now,

That’s it folks! I am off to play with my Sharpies again!


January 2015


A quick note about something special! The new Society of British Theatre Designers exhibition called MAKE BELIEVE is opening in January 2015 at Nottingham Trent University! Be sure to check out the exhibition- it will be great and it will show fantastic diversity of all the work that goes on behind the scenes across stage across the UK and the brilliant designs on stages across the UK. I am showing two designs-  Near Gone by Two Destination Language ( Total Theatre Award Winner 2014) and Falling in Love with Frida by Caroline Bowditch ( Herald Angel Award Winner 2014)! Be there!

14- 31st January 2015 Nottingham Trent University

Ohhhhh, and have a very Merry Christmas. Here is a fabulous 2015!