Fallen Fruit

Fallen Fruit by Katherina Radeva, direction and dramaturgy by Alister Lownie, Sound by Tim Blazdell, Light by Vince Field. Produced by Two Destination Language

“Fallen Fruit is thoughtful stuff about political walls and personal barriers” – Lyn Gardner 

“a delicate show about tearing down walls and living with the past, inspired by Radeva’s pre-1989 Bulgarian childhood” Lyn Gardner, The Stage

“Fallen Fruit provides no easy answers; its greatest strength is its lack of prescription or explanation.” Catherine Love, The Guardian

“As she sweats with the effort of breaking down walls, her charming smile traded for a grimace of determination, Fallen Fruit reveals the process of change for what it is: hard work.” Catherine Love, The Guardian

“Fallen Fruit has rich, rich ground to explore. Radeva’s performance is ripe with vivid images from her childhood.” -Alice Saville, Exeunt

“Radeva is a captivating performer” Craig Angus, The List

“Compelling” Craig Angus, The List

“those living in Bulgaria before 1989 couldn’t leave the country at all. In Germany they have a portmanteau word, ostalgie, to express the nostalgia for a time before the Berlin wall came down and it infects Two Destination Language’s Fallen Fruit, a delicate and quietly thoughtful show about change and how we negotiate it and fold the past into our new lives.

“Katherina Radeva who stands on stage amidst tiny cardboard boxes representing both the Berlin Wall but also the walls of the mind, was born and spent her childhood in Bulgaria but now lives in the UK. She takes us back to that childhood, a place where red was the dominant colour, life was unexciting, and a gay relationship could get you into trouble with the authorities. Of course, things are way better now. Or are they? Surely freedom means more than being able to buy a Costa coffee? It’s not such a dashing and visceral piece as the massive 2014 hit, Near Gone, but it has a quiet, contained charm.” Lyn Gardner, Independent