Manpower by Two Destination Language

“The set is brilliant, and perfectly frames one part of the story being told, the transition from pre-industrial working, to the industrial revolution and the rapid changes of the 20th and 21st Centuries, it’s not often that a set can work so cleverly with its subject matter, but Manpower nails it. Hub Reviews, November 2016

Manpower set
2011 Transformation and Revelation Theatre Design Exhibition, Cardiff

“to contribute to a company devising process and to collaborate with non theatre environments and their inhabitans….I also noted exciting work in these areas by Katherina Radeva”  Kate Burnet review of the exhibition in SBTD’s Blue Pages

2011 Epic by Foster&Dechery- national tour

“technically ingenious, with films of interviews of grandparents projected on to moving screens” The Guardian

2011 Lay Me Down Safe by Kate Weare for Scottish Dance Theatre (2011- 2012 UK, America and European tour)

**** The Herald, Scotland

“Weare’s fuss- free choreography astutely pinpoints the risks, including negative impact of peer pressure, while Katherina Radeva’s designs- both sexes in light tunic- frocks, with floor and back cloth stripped in greys- steer the relationship tussles clear of cliche” Mary Brennan


“Weare’s piece is a joy. Gorgeously stylish in movement, set and lighting, it brings to the fore Weare’s beautiful understanding of the power of physical tension to convey love and sexuality, and also strife and anguish” Mark Brown, Sunday Herald


“With the entire cast, female and male, wearing short-skirted tunics, Weare plays cleverly with ideas of gender and identity” Kelly Apter, The Scotsman


*** “Desire is often to the fore, but because everyone wears similar tunics and skirts, gender is not” Sanjoy Roy, The Guardian


“Lay Me Down Safe is a sensuous foray into the tumultuous sphere of love and relationships” Katie Fish-


**** ” there is no denying that this strong, enigmatic piece reveals a talent to recon with” Donald Huter, The Times


“Five male and three female dancers are all dressed in tunics, instantly raising a gendered sub-plot” Hetty Blades

2010 Elephant 21 by Mayhem Company, Theatre Local

**** Time Out Magazine Critic’s Choise


“A lively, visually accomplished romp” Time Out Magazine

2010 Ill Met by Moonlight by Moonfool

**** Whatsonstage

“Production Designer Katherina Radeva adds to the eerie athmosphere Whatsonstage ” always exhilarating ” ” plays like jazz variations, beautifully orchestrated ” Observer

2009 Glass Mountain by Trestle Theatre

**** Whats On Stage ****Venue Magazine

“…stunning images…” The Observer

“Some wonderfully imaginative work by designer Katherina Radeva” Bristol Evening Post

“The movement involves all the ladders which take on their own paths in the drama and Radeva has devised some simple but effective costume changes to indicate the shifts from the present day to a timeless past….” Whats On Stage

2008 Fat Christ by Gavin Davis

“A word has to go to Katherina Radeva who provided a very serviceable set” The British Theatre Guide

2008 Veil by Horse and Bamboo Theatre Guide

“Veil is a huge step forward for visual theatre” The Stage

2006 The Underpants by Steve Martin

“Katherina Radeva’s design is impressive” The Stage

**** Metro

**** The Sunday Telegraph