Printmaking and Paintings

Long before Katherina started work as a Set and Costume Designer she trained as a Fine Artist from her native Bulgaria. She still paints and prints and her visual work forms the foundation to all her design work. 

“My drawings, paintings and objects are my immediate reaction to things. They change from series to series and they relate to projects and events that are happening at a particular time. All my projects start with drawings. They are an exploration and works in progress of bigger things and events as well as completed images in their own right.

Here are three new lino cuts, inspired by RIOT CUTS series and Falling in Love with Frida design work.

riot cuts with piramidsriots cuts with flagsTo Frida!

 Below are some of my most recent series.

The drawings, paintings and prints below are for sale. Prices vary between 50-300 British Pounds. To find out more about pricing of individual works please email her here