Turning 30! Paintings

Below you can see all thirty of the Turning Thirty  series which was a solo exhibition back in 2012 to celebrate my 30th Birthday!

All paintings are acrylic on card, waxed. Each one measures 15cm x 15cm and all are mounted and framed, when framed measuring 23cm x 23cm. All works are for sale!  £300 each! For more details do email me at kat@katherinaradeva.co.uk if you are interested.

Turning Thirty

thirty new paintings to mark Katherina’s thirtieth year

The idea of this exhibition started about year ago when I was about to turn thirty and I was having a little look at my life so far. So, I felt that a good way to mark this milestone was with thirty new paintings.

Making thirty new paintings was a challenge, not least because I had to paint about twice as many to choose the ones which would make it in. So, here they are!

If I was to try and contextualize them, all I would say is- these little works are moments, mostly symbolic moments connected to my thinking, ideas and ideologies, desires and inspirations. Most of the works have a theatrical presence not least because I work in theatre and because I almost always think that one’s life is a bit like a series of scenes from a play.

So, I show you thirty scenes from my play.

1- This is me! At thirty, my body is bigger, but my breasts still remain where they were years ago.

2- This is not me! Or at least not yet, this is an idea of me, how I might be if I wasn’t me.

3-  A floating house This is a state of mind rather than a real picture, the idea of home and what makes a home is depicted here, it is a notion for me, a constant change as well as a search.

4- A House, A Garden and A Dog– this is a depiction of what I have imagined for many, many years: they all still remain only in my imagination

5- Pink Heels– I don’t really wear heels, but I do have this one pair which are terribly theatrical and sexy so I have them for just in case. I have worn them once!

6- My first KG’s – I am not really a sucker for brands but I do like good shoes, and I adore a good pair of brogues, so these ones are a favourite.

7- The empty Stage – when you walk into an empty space, it speaks to you. The bare bones of a stage are often full of meaning and memories of what has been before, so I often like to marvel at its bare simplicity, loaded with a past.

8- Lay Me Down Safe– is a dance production I designed in 2011. This made the cut because it reminds of a great collaboration and a great way of work with rather than working for. Design is a way to enforce a narrative or an emotion and not just a backdrop.

9- An easy Sunday morning painting – this is exactly what it says on the tin- a vase, some spring flowers and a mother’s day card.

10- Girl with flowers– This painting took its time and part of me is still not entirely sure about it but there is something in it that keeps me intrigued. Sometimes I start a painting with one intention and during the process of painting, the work itself takes me somewhere else, so this painting is of and in somewhere else.

11- Moody Scotland – I debated a while if this painting should be called Moody Scotland or Scotland, but in many ways Scotland is quite moody and that is the precise reason why I love it so much, so I think Moody is quite the thing for this depiction of Scotland.

12- Avebury – recently we went on a short walk around the stones and I was reminded of how much I enjoy heritage, the unexplained and the unexplainable. So, this local landscape is a daily inspiration, a time shifter and a reminder of our fleeting existence.

13- Blue – is actually black. This is my boyfriend’s mother’s dog and he is a cool dog. I love dogs, I am a dog person, I have nothing against cats but I wouldn’t choose them personally. Blue is a reminder of a dog that I want, except my one would be called Sara and she will be a ginger shetland collie.

14- Gold Fish– I had a goldfish for about ten hours. The real fish was a prop in a show, I am considering using a goldfish in Two Destination Language’s new show again.

15- Pandora Box– is just a box with little treasures in it. A reminder of childhood and treasured possessions this box is only to be viewed from afar.

16- Boxing Ring – often I feel that there is a battle taking place, not a fight exactly but a negotiation of desires. This boxing ring has some gender politics going – represented by the blue and the pink in the work – having said that, this boxing ring romanticises the negotiation, more like a dance rather than a battle.

17- A bed of nails– Often its not as hard as it seems, not as painful as we might imagine and sometimes a surprising comfort can be found in the seemingly edgy existence.

18- A Marriage–  a lonely figure in white waits, then gets up and leaves.

19- An impossible climb– a theatrical impossibility foregrounded by a circle. I barely ever paint circles, I love squares, they are perfectly symmetrical and I think beauty is often symmetrical.

20- Green – I ignore painting with green because I find green to be quite difficult but once mixed right it is pretty refreshing. A step element is present which is more a reminder of a fresh climb than fat shape filling the space.

21- Flight – the moment when something is about to change/hit and one’s desire to fly away from it.

22- Journeying – I am not a fan of flying in a plane but I often fly freestyle in my sleep. Anyway, this plane is more of a symbol about journeying and travel and how that has altered my perception of the world. A sea of salmon chases the plane.

23- Bleeding Flag – this is to do with my cowardice. I left, like many others, and like many others I fear returning. But perhaps a moment will come when some of us will have to return before we completely disappear.

24- My country and I – this is a scene from Fallen Fruit- a performance piece in which I look at my identity as a Eastern European raised on the cusp of communism and perceived democracy.

25- A touch, with humans– I can not write about this but it is about the moment when a millimeter away from someone feels like an eternity.

26- A touch, with chairs – I guess this is about the dressing of space, when an emotionless prop becomes a carefully positioned intention.

27- Dreams – this is a homage to the endless time I spend in bed dreaming!

28- My family and I – although I am not depicted here, I am the one depicting the scene.

29- The Revolutionary -like every man, I lead my own revolutions too. This painting is a reminder that we can change things, if we really want to.

30- TODAY! It is not about yesterday or tomorrow, we look at the past in order to see the future but the real living we do right now, Today! So, here is to that moment, right now, Today!

All paintings are £300 each