Stick by Me by Andy Manley

“Set designer, Katherina Radeva takes the kind of props you find at home – sticky tape, lolly sticks, cardboard box, rope, table – and turns it into something special, which you could indeed try at home. Although possibly not in the house of one wee boy, who cautioned Manley ‘don’t waste tape!’ during one particularly sticky encounter.” Kelly Apter, The List ★★★★

“this is a joyful and funny show that is also about injury, disability, loss, death, love and friendship.” Mark Fisher, The Guardian ★★★★

“What a wonderfully wise and big-hearted show this is – one that will stick in the memory, whatever age you are.” Mary Brennan, The Herold ★★★★

Physical comedy and no shortage of laughs for the kids from the excellent Andy Manley’ The List ★★★★

“Manley has the target audience of 3 to 6 year olds in the palm of his hands….A wonderful production bolstered by a light-touch score.”  Reviewsphere ★★★★

“Andy Manley is undoubtedly one of the treasures of Scotland’s current theatrical landscape…”  Broadway Baby ★★★★

speaks directly to the experience of pre-school children, and makes its point, with the simplest of means. Scotsman ★★★★

I never knew that making theatre for young audiences could be so much fun, could be so creative and could happen in one of the most trully collaborative processes I have ever been in. I am totally thrilled to have worked with the creative team, a pack of gems led by Andy Manley and Ian Cameron, produced by Red Bridge Arts and supported by the brilliant Suzie Normand and Sarah Scarlet with lighting by Craig Fleming! I hope I work with this gang again.

Touring in Summer 2018 at Edinburgh International Children’s Festival and Edinburgh Fringe Festival at Dance Base.

Stick by Me
Stick by Me
Stick by Me