Gallery Sales

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In 2022, I am showing one drawing every two weeks. Each drawing is for sale on a pay what you decide basis. How does it work? You email me at with an offer. If your offer feels good, you get the drawing. This blog here, gives some context.

40/40… black and purple ink – 21cm x 30cm (available until 20 August)

Like it, want it? make me an offer by email…warmest wishes, Kat x

40/40 – ink on paper
40/40 the BOOK is £12 inc UK postage – buy it HERE

The below drawings are still available to make an offer… Holding Self, Fault Lines Exercise Scene, Sunshine Woman and Liar, Liar… ink on paper drawings

Holding Self – 15cm x 15cm, inks on paper
Fault Lines Exercise Scene – 30cm x 30cm inks on paper


To get some cards drop me an email on with your name and postal address in the UK. Because of the stupid Brexit, I am only sending work in the the UK. A pack of five cards, one of each design is a tenner + £2 for p&p. If you wish any other configuration of five, for example five of the same design or two of one and three of another design, just specify in your email.

pack of 5 cards (one of each design) is £10 plus £2 for p&p in the UK only

To buy the FIELD books I have illustrated – simply click here. They are £20 for all three!

FIELD books – published by Two Destination Language and illustrated by Katherina Radeva

If, once you saw a drawing here and you remember what it looks like, I might still have it! Email me with the question! If you are a keen collector, come to my studio and see it all for yourself. Wanna do that? Email me to arrange studio visit!

If you like my work, please tell others who may like it too and do please follow me @KatherinaRadeva on Instagram and twitter. The money from my art work often goes towards helping my family in my native Bulgaria who are my world. Thank you! Kat x