Stage Designs

I design spaces (costume and set) for theatre, performance, contemporary dance, site specific events and anything in between and beyond. My designs are often with companies and artists who make touring productions presented across venues and festivals in the UK, Europe, the Americas and Australia.

My designs are often simple and beautiful and my sense of colour and the dramaturgy of space and form is a running thread of my work. Design is form and in theatre I am often experimenting with that form and the language of design where aesthetic is not just for beauty’s sake but as a another narrator in the live performance. My designs are often environments which make the ordinary extraordinary.

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The Hairies
Chasm by Sophie Unwin
with bread by Leo Burtin
with bread by Leo Burtin
Class by Scottee
WhirlyGig by Daniel Padden
Stick By Me – Andy Manley
salt. – Selina Thompson
Declining Solo – Two Destination Language
Brothers Karamazov – Tron Theatre
Leaving – Curious Monkey
Manpower – Two Destination Language
Then Leap – Laura Lindow
Falling in Love with Frida – C Bowditch
Near Gone – Two Destination Language
Discontented Winter – Salisbury Playhouse
LANDED – Two Destination Language
Journey of a Home – Two Destination Language
Found – Zendeh
Lay me down safe- SDT
Epic – Foster & Dechery
The Sphinx and the Books
The Sphinx and the Books – Lorena Rivero
Beautiful Blows
Beautiful Blows – Mayhem Company
Ill met by moonlight
Ill met by moonlight – Moon Fool
Glass Mountain
Glass Mountain – Trestle Theatre
Hungry Ghosts
Hungry Ghosts – Lost Dog
Veil – Horse & Bamboo Theatre
Linbury Prize for Stage Design
Linbury Prize for Stage Design