Falling in Love with Frida

So, Falling in Love with Frida by Caroline Bowditch is touring now! Go and see this jem of a dance theatre show!
7-8 March 2014 at CCA, Glasgow
20 March 2014 at Basement, Brighton
30 March 2014 at Skanes Dan’s Tester, Malmo, Sweden
16 May 2014 at Pavilion Dance South West, Bournemouth
12-17 August 2014 at Dance Base, Edinburgh Fringe Festival


World Stage Design 2013, Cardiff

I have just had an absolutely amazing week at WSD2013 in Cardiff. Brilliant designs from all over the world- a very inspirational time- thank you Sean Crowley, Fiona Watt and everyone in the the amazing team who made the event happen and the week run like water!

I was there with Two Destination Language’s piece A Journey of a Home- a one on one audio performance walk, a piece I designed in 2011 which is still happily touring in the UK and abroad. Here is a few images of the Booth and journey cards.


May- keeping it simple!

Two Destination Language have been making their new show Near Gone– a piece about survival against all odds.

All along we knew that for Near Gone we wanted to keep things simple, I start with a stage full of floating fake fishes and real ones in glass jars but in the end we ended up with fake flowers, and now we are looking into the budget to find some spares to use real flowers. Yes, that’s right- four hundred white fresh carnation for each show. I know, it will be pricey but also very beautiful, so here is how Near Gone is shaping up- keeping it simple as I said.

Near Gone, photo by Alma Haser

January 2013

Gold Fish
Gold Fish

I start the year working on two great projects

The first one- is my solo exhibition with thirty new paintings called Turning Thirty. The exhibition is an intimate insight into every day, small, big and imaginary moments which in some way or another I feel important to me.

The exhibition will open on Friday 11th January 2013 and will run until 28th February 2013 at the Gallery in The Pound, Corsham (SN13 9HX) Come and see the new work, and then email me your thoughts!

The other great project is called Falling in Love with Frida¬†which is Caroline Bowditch’s new dance piece and I am very fortunate to be working with her and designing this new work. The piece¬†will open in late 2013 but we starting work now! So, watch this space- it will be special!